Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mucking About

Back in the 80s, I was a very different photographer from the type I am now. It was all about landscapes and architecture, and heaven forbid if a person should wander into the frame. Not, my photos had to unadulterated, humanless.
They also had to be perfectly exposed and true-to-life. Of course digital manipulation didn't exist, at least not at a mass level, and the concept of what we now call "digital art" was still more of an idea than an accessible art form. But of course photo manipulation, though time-consuming, has been around as long as photography itself.
It wasn't until I started travelling a lot, that I started to shift my focus, so to speak. It very quickly became obvious to me that it's the people and not the scenery that make a place what it is, and it wasn't long before my style changed markedly.
But what also changed was my sense of aesthetics. Photography is an art, and unless you're shooting photos for an encyclopedia, it's basically open season. Photos should move people on an emotional level. This isn't to say that a photo has to be layered and textured and fiddled with to do so. Far from it. But I believe that anything goes, as long as it evokes a reaction from the viewer.

I like a little bit of everything!


  1. I love carnival photos anyway, but the angles and the colors in yours are amazing! Nice work.

  2. Perfectly said, brilliantly seen.

  3. I love the vintagey treatment you put on your carnival photos. It makes a great photo even more appealing!

  4. The carnival photos are great!
    Nice work!
    I really like what you did with them.
    Have a good day,


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