Thursday, February 19, 2009

Buried Treasure

Everyone does it. You go through boxes and binders, trying in vain to get some semblance of organization into your life, and you stumble upon something you didn't even realize you had. Happens to me with photos all the time. I reckon there must be 20,000 slides on "the shelf", which is actually a very large bookcase I made for holding the binders. Let's see..20 binders, 80 pages per binder, 20 slides per page...32,000. No, it can't be!

Anyway, among all the boxes and binders are a thousand or so prints, but hidden in pockets and sleeves all over the place are the negatives. And every so often up pops a sheet of negatives that have never been printed, and thus, forgotten. That's where the above image comes from. A whole roll shot in Sukhothai, Thailand in 1996, languishing in obscurity for years. Until last night.
It happened a while ago with these negatives from Nepal.

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  1. doesn't happen to everyone! lucky you! it's a winner.


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